This site is dedicated to showing the final products INevalCO Research Project (EA2010-0052) innovation in skills assessment: Design and development of procedures and tools for competency assessment blended learning environments / virtual involving students in the degrees. Funded by the General Secretariat of Universities (Ministry of Education)

The study focused on one aspect of the present basic university education: the design and development of methods and instruments for assessing competence in undergraduate degrees, encouraging the participation of students and adapting to learning environments and mixed virtual.

So two are the fundamental questions that we have tried to answer in this study:

What procedures and instruments can assess the skills development of university students in undergraduate degrees?

What procedures and tools allow us to encourage student participation in the process of skills assessment in blended learning contexts and virtual?

Through this website, we aim to provide to the university community assessment procedures and instruments in all branches of knowledge and core competencies of the eight undergraduate degrees specified in RD 1393/2007 so that we have a bank instantiations to assess the degree of competence development of students.

As a repository, they offer assessment procedures, evaluation units and evaluation tools developed in the study. That is, a public bank procedures, evaluation units and tools for competency assessment that is referring to and usable by university faculty.

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